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Principle advantages of electric valve and pneumatic valve

In fact, many Chinese enterprises are not very familiar with the environmental protection equipment for water treatment in the sewage treatment project. Now the environmental pollution is so serious, many colleagues in the environmental protection sector are committed to the sustainable development of China's environmental protection industry. Then, the basic knowledge of environmental protection water treatment will be popularized for you, and the production in the workshop will be analyzed In the piping process, the principle of electric valve and pneumatic valve and their respective advantages.

      Electric valve usually consists of electric actuator and valve. The electric valve uses electric energy as power to drive the valve through the electric actuator to realize the opening and closing action of the valve. So as to achieve the purpose of switching the pipeline medium. The action force distance of the electric valve is larger than that of the ordinary valve. The opening and closing speed of the electric valve can be adjusted. The structure is simple and easy to maintain. It can be used to control the flow of air, water, steam, various corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metal and radioactive medium.

      Pneumatic valve is a valve driven by compressed air. Using the characteristics of compressed air to push multiple groups of combined pneumatic pistons in the actuator to transmit force to the beam and inner curve track, it drives the air core spindle to rotate, and the compressed air disk is transported to each cylinder to change the air inlet and outlet position to change the rotation direction of the spindle. According to the rotation torque requirements of the load (valve), the number of cylinder combinations can be adjusted to drive the load (valve) to work. Pneumatic valve can be used to control the flow of air, water, steam, various corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metal and radioactive medium.

     Advantages of electric valve and pneumatic valve:

1. The pneumatic valve has good effect on gas medium and small diameter liquid, low cost and convenient maintenance. Disadvantages: affected by the pressure fluctuation of air compressor, it is easy to be affected by water content of air compressor in winter in North China, resulting in freezing and inaction of transmission part. Generally, pneumatic is faster than electric. Electric ones are both hand and electric. And pneumatic to hand, gas dual-purpose price is relatively high.

2. The electric valve has good effect on liquid medium and large diameter gas, and is not affected by climate. It is not affected by the pressure of air compressor. Disadvantages: high cost, bad in wet environment.

3. Electric valve action is slow, electric valve can achieve explosion-proof brand is not many; pneumatic valve action quickly, explosion-proof relatively speaking than electric bottom (key pneumatic valve with what accessories, with large brand accessories will be more expensive than electric valve).

4. The electric valve is used in some places with large pipe diameter, because it is difficult to achieve pneumatic valve, but the stability of electric valve is not as slow as pneumatic switch speed, the actuator will be stuck for a long time, pneumatic valve has fast switching speed and high precision, but it needs stable air source.