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Social welfare

Implementation of social responsibility for poverty alleviation

While striving to do its own business well, the company should keep in mind the importance of social responsibility. Mr. Zhao Min, chairman of the board of directors, has been actively supporting public welfare undertakings for many years. In 2013, as one of the initiators, he set up the Tongling City fraternity and Fraternity Association. Mr. Jing has been serving as the vice-chairman of Tongling City, insisting on subsidizing 20 poor league students every year.

The company places no less than 2 disabled persons for employment throughout the year.

In addition to the disaster relief fund of 10000 yuan in Ninghe city in 2019, the company actively participated in the disaster relief.

Performance of other social responsibilities

The company actively performs its obligations, undertakes social responsibilities, creates value for shareholders, and strives to achieve economic benefits

Economic benefits and social benefits, short-term interests and long-term interests, self-development and social development should be coordinated and unified, so as to realize the healthy and harmonious development of the company and its employees, and between the company and the society.

A novel coronavirus outbreak broke out in Wuhan, Hubei in January 2020. During the fight against the epidemic, the company mobilized employees to participate in voluntary blood donation activities to contribute to the health of patients; at the same time, the company directly donated 50000.00 yuan in cash to Tongling Red Cross Society, and Zhao Min, chairman of the board of directors, personally donated 20000.00 yuan to Tongling Guangcai Foundation, and went to the hospital disease care center with Tongling Federation of industry and commerce to express sympathy to front-line medical staff.