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The company successfully held the "all the way (16) have you, together (17) forward" to welcome the Spring Festival party

On January 22, 2017, the company and its wholly-owned subsidiary Anhui fuletai water pump system Co., Ltd., Tongling Tongguan government cultural and creative Co., Ltd. and Tongling Haihua commerce and Trade Co., Ltd. jointly held the Spring Festival Party of "all the way (16), together (17) forward", which was successfully held in Dongchen hotel.

The get-together with a section of the opening drum inspired momentum, for the whole get-together opened the prelude. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tianhai, fullertai participated in Tianhai's get-together for the first time. A piece of "friends" brought two hearts together.

The get-together came to an end in the chorus of "tomorrow will be better", which inspired us to unite as one, keep forging ahead, work hard and achieve better results in 2017. I also wish the company a better tomorrow in 2017